Ken Marchtaler


Date of Birth: July 9, 1957
Birth Place: Vancouver, BC
Home Town: Victoria, BC
Martial Arts School: Warrior Martial Arts
Martial Arts Training: 24 years
Current Rank: 4th Dan - Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Karate, 2nd Dan - Ryukyu Kobudo
Team Canada Experience: Ken established himself as a World Champion in Rosenheim, Germany in 2005, and has since led Team Canada to many significant victories. Under his persistent leadership, Canada has remained 1st overall in Medal Standings amongst all Nations taking part in the annual World Martial Arts Games. He is an international guest speaker and was recently appointed Martial Arts Commissioner for TAFISA, an International Olympic Committee Recognized Multi-Sport Organization.   Ken is also a recognized Champion of Designed to Move through his corporate umbrella Marchtaler Group.

Outside Interests:
Ken's interests outside of martial arts include spending time with wife Cathy, daughters Alana and Ashleigh, grandsons Austin and Levi and gardening.  Ken also enjoys writing in his spare time.   He is a Best-Selling Author as well as a frequent international speaker and Television guest with recent appearances on CTV, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.