Harassment & Abuse Policy

As a National body for martial arts, CNMAA is obligated to provide an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect.  CNMAA considers any form of abuse or harassment to be unacceptable and will do all that it can to prevent this intolerable social problem.   Individual Provincial 

The CNMAA Abuse and Harassment Policy identifies the standard of behaviour expected of all CNMAA members including, but not limited to, athletes, officers, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, managers and other team officials, executive directors, administrators, employees/staff, (paid or unpaid), board of directors and other recognized volunteers. 

Protecting participants from all forms of abuse and harassment, whether emotional, physical, neglectful, sexual or of the bullying type is an important element of safety.  Members shall conduct themselves in a fair and responsible manner and are to refrain from comments or behaviours that are disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist. 

Although this policy is not intended to replace any specific Association’s, District’s and/or Studio's existing Code of Conduct, it should to be utilized as a “guiding” resource in the decision-making process.  This Policy, however, will be the deciding resource when dealing with any incident reported to and subsequently dealt with at the CNMAA level, including any investigation, hearing and/or appeal.

The complete policy can be viewed at this link: